May 2021 Newsletter

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We have some rain! I hope it knows when to stop. The grass will hopefully start to grow as the weather warms. I would expect to see a rise in gut worm larvae on the pasture now so please be mindful of growing lambs. Faecal worm egg counts are an extremely useful and quick test to monitor the worm burden in growing lambs, primarily they can help make the decision on whether to treat or not. Only treating when necessary can help reduce the amount of wormer used on farm and thus help in preventing resistance. Dung samples can be used to check the effectiveness of a recent worming dose (contact us for more info on this.) Ideally, we need 10 fresh samples, pen the group to be tested in the corner of a field and let them do their business, collect muck from 10 separate fresh piles, and put in 10 separate bags or containers (we only need 5-10g per sample – not loads!). Bring into the practice within 24 hours of collection in a sealed container. Results are turned around within 24 hours- and if dropped off in the morning, we aim to get results out by the same day. I would expect to see cases of fly strike as the humidity rises so please ensure sheep are well protected. Please call if you would like advice on products.

We thank you all for your co-operation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. I really hope we are through the worst in this country.  We realise that social distancing is not always easy but when some pragmatism is applied the end result isn’t too bad! You may well have noticed that we haven’t had any students with us for the last year; we took the decision to cancel placements as we saw it as an unnecessary risk to both our workforce and yourselves. Students need time in practice to equip them properly for the working world, it also allows us to handpick potential employees! We have decided to allow students back at the end of the month, they will do weekly lateral flow tests while with us. If you are shielding and would rather not have a student on your visit then please let us know.

Covid has presented challenges with medicine procurement over the past year or so but I am pleased to say that supplies seem to be returning to normal, excepting the odd name change! 

That said; we have a stock issue with Adrenacaine local anaesthetic that looks like it will be out for some time. We have an alternative, Pronestesic as before. This did have to be kept in the fridge but is now licenced for storage at room temperature.

We have loved seeing all your photos wearing our hats; thank you all for entering. We had a vote within the team and the lucky winner of the £50 voucher for Lye Cross Farm Shop is Poppy Urch of Myrtle Farm, Nailsea who was pictured milking her cows. There were two very close runners-up: The Brimble Family of Manor Farm, Litton and Ben Stevens with his new-born calf.

Keep your eyes peeled on our social media streams for our next competition!

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